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The Council on Foreign Relations St. Louis Committee, Inc. (Committee) was founded in 1938
and is one of the oldest committees in the Country. It was founded by the Council on Foreign
Relations. (www.cfr.org)



Since 1995, the St. Louis Committee has been affiliated with the American Committees on
Foreign Relations (ACFR) in Washington, DC. (www.acfr.org)


The purpose of the Committee is to promote education concerning foreign affairs among
persons with interests or backgrounds in international matters in the St. Louis metropolitan
area. In so doing, it encourages serious discussion of international affairs by leading citizens
of the region.

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CFR Events Audio
CFR Events Audio
CFR Events Audio
  • Election 2020 U.S. Foreign Policy Forum
    In CFR’s final forum of the Election 2020 series, Secretary Albright and Dr. Haass discuss the foreign policy challenges awaiting the winner of the 2020 presidential election.
  • Belarus in Crisis
    Two months after Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory in the presidential election, protestors in Belarus continue to take to the street to voice their discontent over the election’s legitimacy. Crackdowns against the protests have become increasingly violent, and most opposition leaders have either been jailed or have fled abroad. Speakers discuss the state of democracy in Belarus and the implications of this crisis for U.S.-Belarus and U.S.-Russia relations.
  • The Future of AI, Ethics, and Defense
    Speakers discuss the intersection of technology, defense, and ethics, and the geopolitical competition for the future of innovation.  The Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Annual Lecture on Science and Technology addresses issues at the intersection of science, technology, and foreign policy. It has been endowed in perpetuity through a gift from CFR members Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener.